Take 29

What is Salsa 29 Productions?

Salsa 29 Productions was founded in order to contribute to the betterment of our communities by motivating individual development and promoting relationship building. This mission is fulfilled using a unique method: salsa dancing. Our programs are more than just dance lessons; we use our passion to encourage self-exploration and self-development in people of all ages and abilities. Each of our presentations seeks to help participants gain a better understanding of oneself and of one’s relationship with the larger community.

Who is Julio Barrenzuela?

Julio is a one-man movement to ignite Springfield with a love of dancing. In 2009 he was a top ten nominee for the State Journal-Register’s First Citizen award and formally proclaimed Salsa Ambassador to Springfield, IL by Mayor Tim Davlin. He additionally received the President’s award from National Image Inc. for his dedication to the mission of education, employment and civil rights for Latinos in Central IL. He has been the feature of many articles and news stories dealing with his motivational programs and initiatives. Born in Lima, Peru, Julio moved to Springfield with his mother at the age of nine. After graduating high school, he joined the United States Navy and traveled extensively around the world. He later attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing with a specialization in intercultural communication. As a student, he was president of the Latin American Student Association and later founded the SIUC Salsa Club. Upon graduation, Julio returned to Springfield and began his own company- Salsa 29 Productions. His idea was to use the educational, non-threatening, and entertaining value of Salsa music to create customized motivational presentations. He has worked with local communities providing programs for children, adults, older adults, and people with disabilities. This unique and innovative use of Salsa helps people of all abilities and ages to at least try dancing and overcome the limitations they place on themselves. It is his belief, that by overcoming these limitations, people expand their comfort zone and enhance both their professional and social development.

About Our Programs


Julio has managed to find an intangible value in Salsa dancing that both Salsa performers and Salsa instructors around the world have overlooked.


No two programs are alike. Julio specializes in delivering goal- oriented presentations for each specific client.


A master of his craft, Julio has the ability to engage people of all ages and abilities by meeting them at their level.


Julio utilizes a creative combination of original techniques to re-connect participants to the satisfaction of learning.


Julio believes that people participate freely when they are operating from their comfort zone. His goal during each presentation is to help participants find, embrace, and expand their own.

Take 29

  • Does your team need re-energizing?

  • Does your organization need to re-ignite its creative powers?

  • Are you looking for a new and unique team-building activity?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then Salsa 29 Productions can help. Our 29 minute-“Take 29” program can help your team unleash its creative powers, improve organizational performance and become more culturally competitive in today’s global economy.

This presentation is unlike any motivational speech – it’s an exciting and interactive activity.

We illustrate how life skills such as leading, timing and teamwork, learned on the dance floor, can be transferred efficiently from a personal application to a professional role. Participants will be engaged, revived and inspired to expand their comfort zones while simultaneously enhancing the quality of their careers. In these difficult economic times, businesses at all levels must be confident, adaptable and cohesive. This presentation sets that mood!

Salsa 29 can cultivate these skills in your workforce.



Unleash an individual’s creative powers!

The “Take 29” program will ask for awareness with questions that are not often asked: “What is your initial reaction to trying something new?” “Are you even aware of your comfort zone?” Instead of stepping out (unprepared) we’re asking participants to find, embrace, and expand their comfort zones; rather than merely stepping away from them.

Improve organizational performance!

When you’re on the same page -as a team- and moving smoothly together, great things can happen. Employees obviously should know how to do their job — how well, how efficient, how adaptable and how motivated they are to excel at their work are different questions. Some in the workplace are more motivated than others. Closing this motivation achievement gap in the workplace is essential to increasing the quality output of your employees.

Become a more culturally competitive team!

Learning how to be culturally savvy can’t be forced. It does not happen overnight. The ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures is more than just appreciating culture – today it is a business necessity! Help your employees retain their individuality and appreciate that the differences can actually make the Team work better!

Salsa 29 can cultivate these skills in your workforce.
Contact us today at 217-816-2396.

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